About Me

Ozark Photo Services - Gary Davis

Welcome to the story of how Ozark Photo Services evolved into a full service photography provider. I’m Gary Davis, and I’m the photographer at Ozark Photo Services.

The Beginning

In the year 2000 I was working as a respiratory therapist at our local hospital and had a sideline in the computer repair service industry. Our local Chamber of Commerce asked me and my partner at the time if it was possible to do an online stream of the World Championship Duck Calling Contest live. Although it was the early days of the online streaming that we take for granted today, we decided to take on the challenge.

We actually pulled it off and improved the broadcast each year. We also videotaped the contests for 2 straight days in freezing temperatures. I then went into the edit bay and edited and burned each contest onto a DVD. I was a one-person production house, and we got all the orders filled and shipped within a month.

Advancing To Photography

About 8 years ago I decided to add still photography to my video offerings. I already had a number of lenses which could also be used for still photos, so I set out to become a portrait and outdoor photographer.

Working with models I honed my skills and became a much better photographer. Check out the portfolio link in the menu to see some of my past work.

Fast Forward To Today

These days I work on both video and photo shoots. I have the latest cameras and equipment to create both photos and videos for clients. In addition, I currently possess the Part 107 license from the FAA for Commercial Drone Pilots. This allows me to also offer aerial photography and video for clients in the real estate, hospitality, and general business industries. The recent addition of the new 360° photo and video technology adds another unique service line to what we can do for our clients.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to find about about our services offered, or to request a quote. Contact Me Today!

You can also check out more of my outdoor photography on our site called Lost In The Ozarks, where we celebrate living in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas.