Improve Your Photos


Are you looking to improve your photos? If you want to take the next step with your photos, you can get a few tips here. Continue reading to find out how you can do little things to improve your photos.

Improve Your Photos

Take a lot of photos– Anyone can become a great photographer, especially now that we have digital cameras. When all you had was film, you had to take a roll of photos and send them to be processed to find out if you had any worth keeping. With digital cameras and the huge storage space, you have on today’s memory cards, there is no excuse for not shooting a lot of photos. Bring them home and critique them. Find ways you could have done better with each shot. You’ll be amazed at how fast you will improve.

Speaking of storage space, you may be tempted to shoot lower quality JPEG images to increase the images you can store on a card. Don’t do it. Memory cards are cheap. Your memories are not. If you only shoot JPEG images, you get lower quality and you can’t manipulate them well with photo editing software. Make sure you save your images at the highest quality. This gives you the best chance of being able to print the image if you want. It also gives you all the image data to work with. A photo that turned out a little dark or light may be able to be saved using photo editing software tools.

Don’t center the subject in all your images. Use the rule of thirds and place the subject at one of the intersection points. This makes for a much more pleasing composition than having everything centered. You can also do this using the crop image tool in your photo editing software. Remember this tip as one of the easiest to improve your photos.

Get off of auto and play around with shutter speed and aperture settings to create interest in your photos. Use aperture to blur the background and focus attention on your subject. Read my blog post on using aperture to affect depth of field. Use longer shutter speeds to create blur and other effects.

When traveling, take the time to shoot photos starting when you leave. Record your journey through photos by shooting interesting places and objects along the way. Also, when traveling, try and find new angles or compositions for familiar tourist destinations.

improve your photos-travel

Be prepared– Some of your best shots may be things that happen in an instant. If you aren’t ready you can totally miss the shot of a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules– You don’t always have to follow the rules. Play around with new things. Try them out and if they don’t work, you have learned something. Great photographers first learn the rules and then know when to use them and when to break them.


Learn about light– After all, photography is simply capturing the light reflected from an object onto our digital sensor. Use the light and know how the quality of light affects your image. Soft light is always better than harsh light for portraits or landscapes.

Use portrait framing– Always holding your camera horizontally limits your composition. Turn your camera vertically and capture all of that person or tall structure you are photographing.

When shooting photos of people don’t just concentrate on their face. Other body parts can make interesting photos as well. Hands and other body parts can make powerful photos.

Remember that your camera is merely a tool to be used by you to capture images. It is only as good as the photographer wielding it. Try out some of these tips to improve your photos. Show us some of your results in the comments section. I look forward to seeing them.

One last bonus tip. Keep your camera batteries charged and carry a spare. You don’t want to miss that perfect sunset because you’ve been shooting and now your battery is dead!

If you want to learn more and take your photography journey to the next level you might like the Photography Master Class. This video course will definitely help you on your journey to be a better photographer.